Doing these simple yoga poses on your airplane seat will ensure you have a happy and yogified journey. And you don't need to feel shy either.

Yoga is often understood as a technique practiced only in the four walls of a room. A space that is empty and quiet. Ever had a thought that yoga could be carried out in a moving bus, at the airport, or even in an airplane? Yes, you can do yoga sitting on a flight, gliding through slow-moving clouds in the sky. And we are not talking about complex yoga postures that need a lot of space and could perhaps gravitate a crowd of curious on-lookers. Simple yoga poses that you can do right on your seat, to ease out body stiffness after that long, sometimes stressful, air travel.

Here are some simple yoga poses yoga can do at an airport:

Seated Spinal Twist

Yoga Poses for the Airport

Yoga Poses for the Airport

Bring the right knee on top of the leftto cross the legs and with the right arm grab the knee or the shin, left hand grabbing the seat behind you and twist gently, inhale to lengthen the spine and exhale twist a little bit more. Repeat on the other side.

Mountain Pose

This position is rather deceiving because to the non-yogi, it looks like you are simply standing. This is great if you don’t want others to know you are doing yoga. During this pose you are conscious of your frame, posture, and breathing, which tells your nervous system that you can relax and release excess tension.

Lotus Pose

This is an intense hip opener, from a seated position bring the right foot to the left thigh and the left foot to the right thigh. This is not easy on the hips or the knees, so if you can’t find this nowhere near comfortable, just cross your legs or come to bound angle (butterfly for some – feet touching and knees fall to the sides) – in whatever variation you choose, you can do some circles by folding forward and circle on the neck to release even more tension.

Tree Pose

This simple position will allow you to work on your balance and focus as you stand on one leg. It does not take up a lot of space, making it perfect for airports. You can even do it while standing in line for a coffee.

Cobra Pose

You’ll feel the stress melt from your body during this pose. It will help loosen parts of your body that get tense on flights, particularly your neck, shoulders, and upper spine. Plus, it is a great follow-up to boat pose to stretch out those firm abs!

Forward Fold

Whether sitting down or standing up, leaning over to touch your toes is never a bad idea. Forward folds help increase your flexibility and will loosen and lengthen your body, which is why they are such an effective counter-stretch to sitting.

Standing side stretch

Completely underrated, the standing side stretch feels amazing. Plus, it is such a normal stretch for people to do that it won’t draw any weird stares. Don’t forget to reach your hand outwards for maximum stretch!

Standing side stretch

Standing side stretch

Eagle Arms

Eagle arms are great for opening up the upper back. Start with your arms open wide with your palms up. Bring your right arm underneath your left and twist your arms together, bringing the palms together. No need to be perfect with your palms, focus more on you back. Lift your eagle arms for a deeper stretch. Switch with the left arm underneath your right.

Lateral Stretch

Sitting in a chair or lotus, place one hand on the ground while the other stretches up and over. A lateral stretch is great to do before a flight when you are stuck between an arm rest stealer and a leaning sleeper.