Boot camp exercises in outdoor are the best trick for weight loss and keep you fit physically with your recreational entertainment.

Working out in the great outdoors can be absolutely invigorating. And getting your sweat on outside is not limited to running; you can strength train at a park using benches as props. Here are full-body exercises that feel more like play than strength training. Press play, learn the moves, then take your workout outside. “Bootcamps provide a fun and creative way to get a person fit enough to then enjoy their recreational activity of choice. Boot camps need to offer more than push-ups, burpees and sit-ups to survive. In a world of seemingly endless options, the most successful fitness professionals serve up a healthy mix of traditional, contemporary and fun options for getting in shape.

There’s no need for a gym or trainer with this do-it-yourself boot camp guide. This one-hour workout allows you to enjoy the outdoors while toning and strengthening your body. They’re still a hot trend in fitness, and you can see why: Boot camps burn a ton of calories—according to the American Council on Exercise, you can burn about 600 in an hour! “Boot camps are efficient because they encompass all aspects of fitness,” says trainer Geoff Bagshaw, a former Vancouverite who is group fitness director for Equinox in Miami and has run boot camps throughout North America. “You gain strength and endurance, improve your cardio and develop flexibility.”

Full body boot camp workout

Group outdoor workout

key reasons to do Boot camp outdoor workouts:

  • You can’t beat the combination of cardio exercise and strength training for burning a ton of calories and building lean muscle.
  • The workout options are almost unlimited so there is no reason to ever be stuck in a rut.
  • They can be done anywhere and you don’t need equipment.

General workouts:

  • Run to the top of the hill or stairs.
  • Do one pushup.
  • Run back down.
  • Don’t stop when you get to the bottom. Turn right around and head back up the hill.
  • Do two pushups.
  • Run back down and back up.
  • Do three pushups.
  • Keep going until you get to 9 pushups.

Best to do

  • Balance pod zig-zag touch: Using balance pods in a zig-zag formation, run and touch each one until complete. Repeat.
  • Bench triceps dips and push-ups: On any sturdy bench or step, perform triceps dips. Then work the chest and tricep muscles with bench (or ground) push-ups.
  • Step-ups: Using a low bench or step, alternate legs during step-ups. Get those arms involved to increase your heart rate. Or even carry a gallon jug filled with water.
  • Band biceps curls: With a resistance band under both feet, perform biceps curls. Feel free to alternate arms if you get fatigued during the minute.
  • Wall sit: Place a yoga block between your knees and sit against a wall. With your thighs (quadriceps) about parallel to the ground, squeeze the block to ensure your knees stay close together and remain in an isometric hold for a minute.
  • Squats on balance pods: For an extra stabilizing and balancing challenge, perform regular squats with one balance pod under each foot.
  • Upright row: Work your shoulders using resistance bands under both feet. Holding both handles, palms facing your body, lead with elbows, bring arms up, skim the front of your body until you are at chest height, hesitate, and return to start.

Helpful tips for bootcamp workouts

  • Recruit Some Friends: Working out with a buddy or two always helps me push myself harder—there’s no slacking off when people are watching.
  • Make a Schedule: Summer weather is beautiful, but it’s also hot. Unless you want to do a Bikram bootcamp I recommend that you pick a time that’s in the morning or evening when it’s cooler.
  • Scout a Location: Parks make awesome outdoor gyms— that playground is the perfect place to do outdoor workouts using the bars and steps as equipment. Try an outdoor workout routine like this “Playground Fitness Routine”— playgrounds aren’t just good for kids! Hills and stairs also make great fitness obstacles for outdoor training.
  • Find Inspiration: We have over 200 totally free exercise routines— many of which can be adapted for use outdoors.
  • Grab Some Equipment: Light hand weights, jump ropes, beach blankets—grab whatever you have lying around to spice up your outdoor workouts.