If you are looking for Bikram Yoga London or any other Hot Yoga Studios in London, this city has gotcha covered. We've compiled a comprehensive studio list for you personally here.

With thousands of new locations for Bikram Yoga London or any other Hot Yoga Studios in London, you’ve arrived at the right place to start your search for yoga studios. Beginning in India, yoga is a centuries-old practice that addresses physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. There are lots of types of yoga, all of which could be a great way to increase flexibility, build strength, and concentrate the mind, body, and soul.

Bikram Yoga in London

Bikram Yoga in London

Hot Yoga London Bridge

The Bikram Studio on London Bridge aims use a great experience for you, with friendly staff. Teachers can be found before and after the class to answer all of your questions.Qualified by Bikram himself all teachers visited his headquarters for a rigorous training and pass wonderfully.Studio’s changing facilities are small but will have showers and hairdryers.Brand new students get a great taster deal, whereby for £35 they are able to attend Bikram lessons for 20 days.

Yoga Fulham

Bikram is the fastest growing yoga studio working in london, with studios popping up everywhere. This is the only Bikram studio I’ve visited in the UK and, therefore, the only person I can comment on. If you love hot yoga, this is actually the place for you.Teachers to look for: Sanja Verma.

Sohot Bikram Yoga in London

Sohot Bikram Yoga, situated in London offering a range of Yoga classes in your town.We offer a range of Yoga classes including Pregnancy / Antenatal, Women Only, Children’s, Mixed Ability, Men Only. We’ve gained a reputation for helping individuals to get fit and healthy. Using the guidance of our highly experienced teachers we help everybody attain the full benefits of Bikram Yoga. Weight reduction, body toning, back problems, sports performance, injury rehabilitation and stress, are only a few areas our members experience major improvements.

Hot Yoga in London

Hot Yoga in London

Hot Yogi, London

Hot Yogi practices The Barkan Approach to Hot Yoga, a style of Hatha (physical) yoga via Calcutta, India. It is a powerful yoga practice made to build strength and flexibility in each and every muscle, while cultivating overall balance and wellness; a practice open to ALL ages, abilities and the body types. The idea behind heat is to simulate the hot climate of Calcutta, while permitting a safe environment to stretch parts of your muscles.

The heat also encourages sweating to get rid of toxins, and provides a full cardio workout to lose weight and improved fitness. The main difference from other hot yoga styles is based on our approach to alignment, philosophy and also the series of postures. The unique series incorporates postures from many yoga styles ensuring you will find modifications in every posture for each ability. We encourage students of levels to reach their full potential, focusing this is not on flexibility or athletic performance, but on experiencing the experience of a full body workout – detoxing, replenishing and relaxing the body, mind and soul.

Bikram studio in East London

Bikram studio in East London and it is great. Not as big as a few of the others scattered across the city, but it is a nice bright studio, has better changing facilities and staffed with great teachers. So nice so that you can practise without getting a leg in your face or having someone’s toes inside your eyes during cobra! The only bad thing is the toilet facilites – there are only two to be used by both men and women, fortunately the classes don’t get too packed so this is no problem just yet. I almost do not want the world to find out about this place.