The aim of six pack workout is to comprehensively train all the muscles of the core to produce a perfect chiselled six-pack.

Six pack is widely regarded as the ultimate symbol of strength and fitness. Hearing of six packs definitely makes you excited but it is equally challenging as well. When it comes to getting six-pack abs, nutrition is always going to be number one. But when it comes to getting six-packs abs fast, it is the combination of nutrition and correct workouts that will get you serious results.
When it comes to six pack abs strong core body is important for which you need to have a healthy nutrition diet and focus on best six pack abs exercises. The basic regime required for building six pack abs is proper diet and fat burning cardio exercises. All you need is proper dedication and effective abs exercises. Abs workouts are sort after weight loss. Having six packs whether it is for men and women, is something you want to flaunt at the beach and in a sexy outfit.

six pack exercise for women

Six pack abs

Six pack abs exercise

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are an incredible fat burning exercise that will really help burn unwanted fat in a very short period of time. In a recent study done by the American Council of Exercise, kettlebell swings showed to burn 20.2 calories per minute, which is simply crazy!


Starting with Crunches which is abdominal exercise in a strength you have to lie on the floor or mat with your back and your knees should be bent. Your back should feel flat on the floor and heels should maintain a comfortable distance from your seat. Now placing your hands behind your lower part of head and start by sticking your shoulders together and your elbows back. The head should be in alignment with your spine and elbow position should be kept maintained throughout.In step 3 the process starts with going upward by slowly exhaling and engaging your core and abdominal muscles. Slowly curl your head upright and shoulders off the floor pulling your rib cage together. You should always keep your lower back and feet in contact with the floor and continue curling till your upper back is lifted off the floor.


The ultimate full body workout, that will burn tons of fat and build ripped lean muscle. When doing deadlifts, you are activating nearly all the muscles in your body. Deadlifts are extremely demanding on the body but this means you are literally forcing the body to build lean muscle and burn fat.


For this your body should be in positioned in push up form with your elbows on the floor and your whole body should be stiff and flat. This exercise holds your body trains your abs and core. For best results hold this position as long as you can. For beginners hold of 50 seconds is good and for regular ab workers hold of 5 minutes should be done. In side static holds you have to do similar thing like before and just roll on to either side of your body .With this only one elbow will be on the ground. Hold this position also as long as possible.


Squats, although known as a strength and power exercise, bring some great benefits when doing them regularly. Not only will they build lean muscle, but they will also help with continued fat burn after your workout is over.

Hanging Knee Raises

One of the best six pack abs exercises is Hanging Knee Raises. This is for the development of lower rectus abdominis. For this hold the chin up bar by having strong grip, or you can also use arm harnesses attached to chin up bar. Now keep your feet together and down completely. Now curl your knees up towards till the chest while sticking your legs together. After going till the maximum position hold on for a while when your knees are high causing crunch in your abdomen. After this process bring back your knees back down towards floor in straight position. Now repeat this step for maximum results.


The pull-up is often avoided by so many because it is a very difficult movement. I encourage you to push through and start working on getting better at them. Start with jumping pull-ups or inverted row to help build up strength!

Six Pack Leg Exercise

Bench leg raises

The bench leg raise may be less exotic-sounding than Bruce Lee’s dragon flag, but it’s just as effective for building strong abs and core muscles. It will also help strengthen the muscles at the front of your groin, which will benefit sports that involve kicking opponents or balls (or both).

Best leg exercise for women

Bench leg raises

Here’s how to do the move perfectly, plus three variations to ensure progression once you’ve nailed it, for anyone from beginners to advanced trainers. Click the tabs for the variations. Rest your hips at the end of the bench with your feet hanging over the end, gripping the other end behind your head. Raise your legs up until they are almost vertical. Let your abs take over to raise your hips off the bench. Lower slowly back to the start. This move alone won’t build a rock-solid six-pack but it’s a key piece of the puzzle – and we’ve provided the rest of the pieces. Slot the bench leg raise or your favourite variation of the move into this fat-burning, abs-strengthening workout below to complete the full picture.

Seated leg Tucks

This for the development of upper and lower abdominis. For this you have to sit on the bench in perpendicular or crosswise position having support on the sides. Starting with bending your knees and then slowly bringing your legs up and leaning backward in slanting position at around 45 degree angle. Now curl your upper part of body bringing it towards pelvis while rounding your back and simultaneously bringing up your knees as well forming a V shape resulting in crunch feeling of your abdomen. Now bring back your knees and back to starting position and repeat again all these steps for best results.

Mike Chang Six pack exercise for legs

Mike Chang’s Six Pack caoach says” I love doing direct leg work. It’s probably because I had some pretty severe leg injuries back in high school and college – to the point where I couldn’t even walk without pain, and climbing stairs was “one at a time” for awhile there. So, nowadays, I really enjoy strengthening my legs in new ways – ways that I could only dream of in the past.”

So, I’m always on the lookout for new leg training exercises and strategies. And lo and behold, I found this video featuring Mike Chang performing 20 different leg exercises, which he says are meant to help you build muscle.

Now, let’s see here… a variety of different movement patterns trained – check! Lot’s of squat variations are included – good sign! And there are exercises in there for both beginner and intermediate/advanced trainees – sweet! So, all in all, it’s not a bad list. Now, if I was one to nit-pick, I might say that some of these aren’t exactly suitable for “building muscular legs.” I mean, donkey kicks? Seriously. And I might also note that some of the technique demonstrated is absolutely atrocious. But I wouldn’t say something like that, would I? Nah. I’m a nice guy.

But if I set aside my bias that people who cannot perform an exercise with at least almost proper technique should not be demonstrating it, and thus, teaching it online, then I should be able to like this video. After all, it’s got cool background music. And after watching it, you may have heard me say, “I feel totally swole, dawg.” Even though I was just sitting here in my ergonomic office chair.

But needless to say, there are a lot of cool ideas in this video, and you could choose a handful of those exercises to put together a great leg workout for yourself. Something I’m a big fan of is training the body with a focus on all three planes of space (ie 3D-based strength training). Now, even if we just looked at the squat variations, Mike’s got a great collection of varied movements that will target the squat pattern in several different ways, which will cause the body to adapt in a more balanced manner.

So, this is pretty good stuff, and honestly, I’d like to see some new exercise variations that Mike has got up his sleeve. Skip hops were a new one for me. I can’t think of a context that I’d use them, except perhaps if training a skier, but it’s one more idea to add to the toolbox. Now, if only I could teach Mike about the 7 key components of structure… but I could be hoping for too much.

Mike Chang: EXPLOSIVE Leg Workout! – Six Pack Shortcuts