Aerobic exercise, also known as Cardio, is a low intense physical exercise which is very effective and hence very popular. Here are 7 awesome things that cardio helps you do.

If you want to have more energy, feel better, and improve your longevity, cardiovascular exercise is for you. Cardiovascular exercise is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. The harder you work, the more calories you will burn, making it easier to control your weight. It doesn’t take hour upon hour to reap these benefits either. When the opportunity presents itself, do some jumping jacks or take a brisk walk. While dedicated workouts are great when time permits, the activity you accumulate throughout the day is vitally important in burning calories. The important thing is to stay active.

One of the greatest benefits of participating in cardiovascular exercise is the positive health effects. It lowers blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels. Regular exercise also boosts good cholesterol or HDL while decreasing bad cholesterol or LDL, creating better blood flow throughout the body.

Benefits of Cardio Workouts:

Health Benefits of Cardio Workouts

Health Benefits of Cardio Workouts

Reduce Craving

It is so hard to keep ourselves away from the mouth watering chocolates. This yummy delight is something no one can refuse. But, chocolates might be the reason you are putting on so much weight. If you want to keep a check on your craving for chocolate, Cardio exercises will be very much helpful for you. Just a walk for 15 minutes a day can decrease your cravings for chocolates.

Reduces Stress

Exercise not only has a positive effect on your body but it also has a positive effect on your spirit. The key to good mood with reduced stress is cardio exercises. Wondering how can just exercising help you to contend with such a difficult problem like stress and depression? The answer is that, exercise have neurochemical benefits, it helps our brain to reduce the risk of hormones such as adrenaline in excess which can cause depression and stress.

Controls Blood Pressure

As mentioned earlier, regular cardio increases the endurance of the body and in turn, helps to combat physical and emotional stress. Stress is a risk factor for high blood pressure, which can be avoided with proper cardio. Additionally, cardio also improves blood flow and dilates the blood vessels; this helps to maintain normal blood pressure.

Increase Stamina

At the outset, you might feel that exercise makes someone tired. But if seen on a long term basis, you will have increased your stamina and reduced your fatigue level. During cardio, the speed of your breath intake increases as you will require more oxygen and thus your heart rate speeds up to increase the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. Stamina is very important if you are going to continue cardio exercises on a long term basis. Regular exercise makes your heart, lungs and blood vessels more effective and faster at transporting oxygen all parts of the body. Just like you can take heavier weights as muscles in your arm become sturdier, repeated cardio strengthens your heart and lungs and moderates your fatigue level and allows you to gradually increase the length of your exercise sessions.

Good for Your Eyes

With this point you must have already made your mind your exercise daily. Now if you think exercising can be good for your every part of the body then it is so correct. Doing cardio exercises also keeps your eyes healthy as proven by a research. Running 2 miles a day reduces the risk of macular generation related to the age by nineteen percent. If you want it reduce the risk further to 50 percent then run a little more.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Improved Breathing

Regular cardiovascular activity will make your lungs stronger and will help Improve your breathing in general. The better the flow of oxygen through the body, the better the functioning of the circulatory system and by default, the rest of the body.

Quit Smoking

If you want to quit smoking than an effective method is doing cardio exercises. It may sound weird and unheard of, but cardio exercise is a method used by many to quit the cancer sticks. Research shows that 10 to 15 minute sessions of aerobic exercise triggers changes within the brain that help defuse nicotine cravings in smokers. Also, a separate study found that cardio can also make smoking related images less likely to grab the attention of the smokers. What usually happens with smokers who commit to cardio training is that their desire for lighting up becomes diminished. The urge to have a cigarette becomes less frequent. Cardio exercise is often the cure for the smoking habit. But even if you continue smoking, don’t ever believe that cardio workouts won’t do you any good.